Become A Dealer

Our company - MCM - is the exclusive (general) importer of Himiko Roadster to European countries with left hand drive and is interested in the development of a dealership network in Europe.

Automobile companies and dealerships sharing our tastes, views and drive for individuality, as well as companies working in the automobile luxury segment are invited to cooperate at the model of dealer relations.

The management team and willingness to invest, on your part, a well thought out marketing policy, professional support and modern technologies of doing business, on our part, will guarantee a successful presentation of Himiko Roadster on the European market.

Become a member of our privileged dealer club and it will enable you to expand your business with a new highly profitable and exclusive line of activities, to draw attention by a special brand which will sublimate and enrich your show room with a magnificent and creatively different car.

Mitsuoka Motor is known in Japan as a producer of original hand-made cars, having classics style but with modern equipment. Mitsuoka Motor launched "Zero-1" which was their first ever model to be called as Mitsuoka's Original Brand (except the engine). Through the launching of Zero-1, Mitsuoka was pronounced to be the 10th authorized manufacturing company of Japan. With the exhibition of "Orochi Concept" at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show during October 2001, Mitsuoka entered the Automobile Industry of the World as a manufacturer of unique model. A distinguishing feature of the company is hand assembly: every specialist of the company puts all his heart and soul into the product in order to produce a perfect car for every client. This specific feature distinguishes the company among other car producers; and although the cars are based on standard model chassis, the unique design and quality of hand assembly are the distinguishing feature of Mitsuoka.

If you are interested and wishes to become the dealer of Himiko Roadster with a convertible top, please, don't hesitate to contact us for obtaining more detail and terms / conditions.