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The distinguishing feature of our company - MCM - is the single brand and narrow specialization. We bring Mitsuoka Himiko to your attention: an exquisite premium class roadster. Along with development of the dealer network we are also targeting at independent retail sales.

Based on MCM concept we did not want to overburden our buyers with excessive alternatives when choosing options; therefore, we decided to offer one configuration, the maximal of all the possible ones. Therefore, all our cars are absolutely equal and maximally completed with all the required equipment. You can see a detailed list of all options in the section  auto / details.

However, the inimitable and individuality of the car is distinguished by its color. We offer our clients to configure any color combination of the body, soft top and passenger compartment of the car. You can choose any combination out of the entire palette of the possible colors based on your preferences. The car price will not change.

We also offer two variants of transmission: manual and automatic. Those who appreciate simple and convenient driving can choose an automatic gearbox. For those who are however fond of sport driving, are offered a manual gearbox alongside with which we recommend installing a mechanical supercharger – a compressor to be installed by the partner company which will increase the engine power up to 260 h.p. Thanks to this innovation aggressive drivers will immediately be able to feel the absolutely different acceleration dynamics.


new order model 2023, 6 speed manual with basic equipment  - Eur 79.800    


Do you wish to experience new sensations from your travels, to drive round the colorful suburbs of Monaco or down the narrow streets of Nice, to see the picturesque vineyards of Saint Tropez? Rent a car and you will encounter unforgettable memories from visiting the Mediterranean.

From the beginning of 2025 summer season our company expects to offer you the services of vintage car rental. The details are being currently worked out by our specialists in order to create the most complete and comfortable rental conditions, such as comprehensive insurance, lower insurance franchise, etc.

We will offer you self-drive car hire; this will give our clients an opportunity to feel absolute freedom and independence in their travels without the presence of any outsiders. Our company’s pricing policy will enable you to hire collectors’ and rare cars at reasonable rates. The cost of rent of the magnificent retro-roadster is at least twice as low as usual sport cars, such as Ferrari, while the effect produced by the exclusive original vintage car with Monaco license plate and the pleasure from the reaction of the public are much higher.

In our car fleet you can choose a car complementing or stressing your character and individuality. A romantic trip when driving a bright and dynamic roadster on a hot day or on a warm evening will give great delight both to the driver and travel companion. Go for a ride along the coast, see the most beautiful corners of the French or Italian Riviera famous for their splendor and our cars will make your trip unforgettable.